Deliteful Boutique first started off as a small online shop on Facebook in 2011.  Since then, we have expanded our store and we currently work along side I-bloom to create new and exciting squishies for everyone. We sell a wide range of squishies and plushies, we are also one of the main I-bloom and NIC distributors and supply worldwide. Deliteful Boutique is based in Melbourne, Australia.

In August 2015, we collaborated with I-bloom to make our store mascot come to life! Snowy the baby polar bear is our first product that we helped create, In the period of 2 months we have sold over 4000 units of Snowy the bear. We are proud to announce; our store mascot Snowy is now a world wide known product.

Deliteful Boutique will always strive to provide excellent customer service and a large variety of products for an affordable price. Our main goal is to ensure all our customers are happy.

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