Ojipan Panda Omelette Series

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Ojipan Panda “Omu’ series

Available in a set or for individual purchase


Ojipan Pandas

Ojipan panda omelette series

Adorable panda cooking ‘Omu’

The mini omelette looks like Pom Pom Purin/dog with ‘ketchup’ on it’s back

new series from the popular Ojipan panda

Licensed by Q-Lia

Comes in capsule and a mini pamphlet

Stress ball material

Collect all 5


4.2cm x 4.5cm (Panda)

3.5cm x 2cm (Omelette)

or as shown individual per product for more accurate dimensions

1 review for Ojipan Panda Omelette Series

  1. 4 out of 5


    Mine came really soft!! Not slow rising but it’s still a great Squishy!!

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